How to Decorate Your Table Setting Romantically

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How to Decorate Your Table Setting Romantically

As we know, February has been celebrated as a Romance Month for a long time. There is no doubt that it is related to Valentine's Day. Thus, what is Valentine's Day? Why is Valentine's Day about love and romance? How to celebrate the day in tradition? How do decorate a romantic table setting to help you spend special dinner time with your loved ones?

1. Why is Valentine's Day about Love and Romance?


Date back to the third century, St Valentine was a priest who served in Rome. Emperor Claudius II believed that single men made better soldiers and therefore prevent them from marrying. Realizing the injustice of the law, Valentine continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. However, when Valentine's actions were found, Claudius ordered to put Valentine to death. And he was executed on 14 February A.D. 270.
Although it is a legend, Valentine got a reputation for believing in the importance of love. After a long time, during the Middle Ages, Valentine’s Day definitively became related to love and should be the day for romance.
In 1375, the English poet Geoffery Chaucer was the first to link Valentine’s Day with a day of romantic love.
On Valentine’s Day, people usually send special cards with love messages to express their affection. Gifts of flowers or red roses or handmade presents are sent with romantic messages to their loved ones.
Nowadays, many couples would like to spend dinner time in restaurants, while other couples choose to celebrate Valentine's Day with a special home-cooked meal at home.

2. How to Decorate Your Table Setting?


Actually, not only for Valentine's Day, the whole of February has been celebrated as Romance Month. Creating a romantic vibe table setting at home is not just for 14 February.
If you are pursuing a romantic vibe, it is time to get some cozy and beautiful table setting ideas to stylish your home.

(1) Mugs Matter


In Chinese, people usually say the words "有情饮水饱" to describe couples falling in love. What it means is that couples love each other so much that even only with drinking water no food, they are still survived. 


Of course, it is an exaggerated statement. But it delivers us an important message that Love matters, water matters, and mugs matter!


Mugs are sent to each other as gifts that are common. Use mugs to add personal touches, light color layered effects, color blocks, or cute animal patterns that all create a delicate vibe.

(2) Tableware Stylish


The color palette is key to helping you with a romantic table setting. The traditional color might be deep reds. But now more people choose mauve and pale pinks to refresh a look. With gold rims, it creates a sense of grace and luxury.
While the combination of color blocking will provide a pure but joyful feeling for the table setting.

(3) Vases&Planters Adorn


White stands for pure and it is perfect for the romantic vibe creating. When delicate flower arrangements are set in white vases, with organic touches or some gold plates on the surface, it makes your table setting different.

3. Joyye Collection

Joyye provides various range of mugs, tableware, cookware, vases, and planters. From romantic to cute, luxury to creative, you'll find plenty of our designs suitable for helping set the scene.

(1) Bohemian Mugs

The Bohemian Mugs by Joyye is a beautiful handpainted mug made of nature stoneware. The mug has an ornate floral pattern on its surface and you can't help to decorate your table with it.

(2) Premium Metalic Tableware

The Premium Metalic Tableware by Joyye is a classic series. The stunning stoneware tableware is made in wonderful gold and black colors. The collection will add a stylish and luxurious touch to any table setting.

(3) Cream Planters Collection

The Cream Planters Collection from Joyye is a set of 5 stunning planters made in stoneware. Each one owns a soft white color and exposed sand. Matched with its tiny circle handle, it is handy-sized and perfect for home decoration.

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